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Benjamin Wayne Barnhart
November 17, 1974 - September 17, 2004
My best friend, Benjamin Wayne Barnhart, died suddenly due to NF on September 17, 2004, exactly two months prior to what would have been his 30th birthday on November 17th. He left behind a 3-year-old daughter. We do not even know how he got it. He put off getting medical treatment because of lack of medical insurance. By the time he was taken to the hospital, the disease was quite advanced. His leg was amputated, and he was scheduled to have the other leg as well as part of an arm taken as well the next day, but he had two heart attacks and passed away in the middle of the night.

I never got to say goodbye to my friend. I miss him everyday, I hear his voice and see him only in my dreams. I want the world to know what a good person he was, and how he touched the lives of all those who were lucky enough to know him in his brief time in this world. My only regret is that he could not stay longer, but I know that God needed him elsewhere, and that someday I will see him again. I miss you so much Ben! And I love you forever!

Kimberly Spann

February 2006

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February 26, 2006