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Katie Charlene Agnes
May 5, 1959 - August 11, 2006
Katie Charlene Agnes. Date of birth May 5, 1959 - August 11, 2006. She suffered from January 25th of 2006 to August 11th of 2006. She never got better. She just keep getting worse. She had her right buttock remove all the way down to the bone. She also had a big open wound that went from her right thigh and wrapped around underneath her groin area. Then after trying to remove that, she got it in her left leg. It went from the pelvic area all the way down to her foot. They were going to ampute her leg but she did not make it that far. She just keep struggling to win but it over took her. Thank you for hearing my story. Any questions you can e-mail me back at momibug2@aol.com.

Frankie Garciaguirre

June 2007

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June 17, 2007