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In Loving Memory of Lois Baker
September 21, 1928 - October 29, 1997

This is the story of Lois Baker's battle with NF as written by her daughter, Michelle Baker.

She was admitted for congestive heart failure. Was given lasix because she wasn't going to the bathroom. They did an ultrasound to r/o dvt. There was no clot. By 4 pm she was in shock, her leg was blue to the knee with a greyish color to her skin surrounding the blue areas, and had huge plum colored blisters popping out all over her left leg. She was coded around 4:30, the first time. My husband and his family consented to an above the knee amputation, even though the outcome was not expected to be good. (They had just buried their father 2 mos. before) An above the knee amputation was done around 7 pm, but the infection had already traveled to the groin. She was coded a couple more times, and finally, shortly after midnight on October 29th she passed away. The experience was nothing less than a nightmare. Causes of death: 1) Acute necrotizing fasciitis, 2) Septic shock, 3) CHF, 4) Diabetes, and 5) Morbid obesity. It was just a nightmare experience. I think it's fine to share the story because it is very frustrating to know that something is very wrong with a family member, yet have it fall on deaf ears because it is such a rare infection.

Michelle Baker


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