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Robert E. Anderson Sr.
Passed Away July 16, 2009
The weekend of July 4th 2009 my father was taken to the hospital for bleeding from his rectum. After several tests they found a small tumor in his colon. They performed a routine partial colonectomy and removed roughly a foot of his colon. His margins were clean, his lymph nodes were negative and they felt he was going to be okay. He was released from the hospital on Sunday July 12th but wasn't feeling well at all at the time of his release. He began to vomit uncontrollably and was admitted again on Monday the 13th. I spoke to him several times on the 13th and 14th and he felt that things were getting better. On my routine morning call on Wednesday the 15th the doctors told me that he had been moved to surgical ICU, was on a ventilator and had gone through kidney failure through the night. They also said they had found a small "pinky size" red bump on his neck in the middle of the night and that it had grown impressively through the early morning hours. I asked if family should leave work and come up there and they said yes, he was the sickest man in the SICU. By the time I arrived there were pen marks all over his neck and chest and the infection was spreading at roughly one CM per hour. The doctors came back with the official diagnosis of NF around one o'clock that day. The team of doctors offered surgery as a "hail Mary" option since the infection was moving so rapidly but said my father’s immune system was already compromised. We met with a team of doctors discussing options but most of them felt he wouldn't make it through the first surgery. At 12:37PM on Thursday July 16th my father's body gave up the good fight.

Chad Anderson

August 2009

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August 17, 2009