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Russell Bates
February 14, 1914 - July 21, 2006
On July 15, 2006, I took my Father-in-law, Russell, to the ER for a problem with his eye. His eye looked like every blood vessel was broke in it. Seeing how he was 92 years of age we just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. The doctors told me that it was normal for a person who was taking a blood thinner as he was. On Monday, July 17, 2006, at around 8 AM, he was complaining of pain in his lower right arm. Around 10 AM he fell in his bedroom. He had an aid that comes to see him everyday and she came to check on him around 4 PM. And even at that time she didn't see any problem. He had a doctors appointment the next day and she said just to have the doctor order an x-ray to make sure that his arm was okay. At the same time my husband stop to check on his dad to make sure that he was alright. At that time he only complained that his arm was sore. The only mark he had on his arm was a quarter size bruise were where they tried to take blood out of him on the 15th of July. By 8 PM that same night my sister-in-law, whom he lived with, called me and said you guys better come out and check dad's arm. When we got there his arm was all black around where they had taken blood test on the 15th. We took him back to the ER where I had taken him just two days before. By now it is around 10Pm on the 17th of July. As we sat there in the ER with him we watched as this disease spread up and down his arm. It blistered and peeled. By 4 AM on the 18th of July when we left the ER this 92 year old man had no skin left on his arm and his kidneys were starting to shut down. We went back the the hospital at 9 AM on the 18th of July and they decided to take him in for surgery to relieve the pressure and some of the fluid in his arm. They had to wait because of the blood thinner that he was on. When he came out of surgery, the doctor told us that he wouldn't recover from this and that if he was a younger man they would have amputated his arm when they had him in surgery. So we all decided to make him comfortable with the time that he had left. He fought this for three more days. He was in so much pain we were just praying that he would go to sleep and not wake up. Just so he wasn't suffering anymore. On July 21, 2006, he took his last breathe. I thanked God for finally taking him home. Russell you will be greatly missed. We Love You.

Kellie Bates

August 2006

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August 10, 2006