Jessie C

I am a 28 year old mother of three beautiful wee ones. In October 2005, I was helping my landlady deliver her papers because I felt she was to frail to walk the distance. I slipped on someone's front porch and received two tiny scratches on my right ankle. Within 48 hours the two wee scratches had turned into two holes the size of dimes and the tissue was necrotizing before my eyes. I went to the local hospital and was immediately put into quarantine. Within one hour I was removed from quarantine and sent home with I.V. antibiotics. (ancef). I was told to return to the hospital the following morning to have more testing done. Before I had a chance to have my morning coffee I was told to return immediately to the hospital. The blood work and cultures had already started to show that something was seriously wrong with me. When I returned to the hospital I was quarantined one more time and sent for several more tests. Five hours past and I was told that I had to be transferred to the other hospital for emergency surgery. I still had not a clue what laid in store for me. When I got to the other hospital I was met by an amazing surgeon. He explained in detail what was wrong and also spent some time on the phone with my husband, who was at home with our wee ones. By 7:30 pm that evening I was In surgery, I had signed a release for amputation but I had begged Dr. Paul to save my leg if it was even remotely possible. Dr. Paul did that exactly. I spent the next week in quarantine while receiving daily debridements from Dr.Paul. When I was sent home a week later I had no soft tissue left in my right ankle, tendants had to be sacrificed and I had to have a daily packing removed and replenished of iodisorb ointment. I was in complete agony! One month later I became very ill again, but this time I had an osteo infection and the bones in my foot started to deteriorate. My home care nurse sent me to hospital where Dr. Paul again had to perform an emergency surgery to debride and drain my new infection. When I awoke I had once again been put in quarantine, I had a hickman (central line), and I again went through more daily packing rituals. These were so very painful, I would rather have three more children with no pain medicine. By now the ankle and top of my right foot were open to the bone with only iodisorb inside and bandages on top. Throughout the year I became increasingly ill. I had only a few short weeks without I.V. antibiotics out of 365 weeks. My foot eventually grew some epidermis back. The pain never relented. Finally Dr. Paul had to remove my leg just below my right knee. October 25, 2006, one year and about two weeks after my first emergency surgery and here I sit with another hickman and 50 staples. Staples will all be removed by Monday, November 20, 2006. I am still in a great amount of pain but, the most wonderful part is that right after I woke up from my surgery I was crying in pain but I remember saying to everyone that I no longer feel ill! After a year of being told that I was slowly dying I finally made the right choice. I still can't sleep because of the pain but I am happy because I'm not sick anymore. If anyone would like to talk to me please e-mail me. I am out of hospital and I am stuck in the house most of the time. My spirit has never faltered. But I need contact with someone who completely understands it all. Thank-you so much for this opportunity.