James Eastmond

Hi, my name is Jim Eastmond and I want to thank you first off for having this web site on NF. The second thing is, DO NOT let a doctor blow you off, it could be your life, (the end of it). June 1, 2003, I woke up and took a shower and when I did, I found a bump the size of a pea in my right groin area. I thought it was a ingrown hair or something, but by evening, I was in pain and had a fever. By morning, my fever was 105, so my wife called our family doctor and he had no time to see me, but I could see Doctor Dave. One thirty that afternoon I was in the office and sat in severe pain for 2 hours before I saw Doctor Dave. At this time the lump was the size of an egg and I was blistered from my belt line to the back of my knees. Upon inspection, I was informed it was a cyst and the so called doctor gave my wife a scalpel and told her to cut it if it came to a head, if not come back Monday, 5 DAYS LATER, if she didn't have the stomach to cut it. I made it to Friday night. I don't remember most of this but my wife told me I was out of it for a few days and she called 911 when I said I couldn't stand the pain anymore and put a gun to my head, I was going to shoot myself. (I don't remember this, it is on the report). At the hospital, they acted like it was no big deal until a doctor checked me and they rushed me to a room. The next week I do not remember much of it. I was operated on three times in that week, I was cut open from my groin and up the right side of my buttocks and tunneled up the left side. My wife was told that there was a 70% chance I was not going to make it. Doctors, Meuser, Pupi and Thompson, if it was not for them I am sure I would be dead today. Now from all of this I am diabetic and from the meds and being in bed for six months I have a plugged artery in my left leg and might lose my leg. I thank my loving wife, Donna, who has advanced MS. She packet my wound twice a day and took care of me like no other could. Almost one year later and I still have problems and have been informed this is going to cause me problems the rest of my life. Now for my little warning and a sore spot with me. Doctor Dave come to find out was not a doctor, he is a nurse and had no business writing prescriptions and making diagnosis or handing my wife a scalpel. We lost most of what we owned, including a trailer manufacturing company, so I have filed a law suit for malpractice since I never really saw a doctor until I was in the hospital. Update July 31, 2004: The suit is going slow, but it is going. So far the doctor and nurse admitted to their screw ups in a deposition. My deposition is on for Oct 1, 2004. The suit is to recover what I lost in material things. No suit can compensate for the pain, a life and embarrassment that NF puts one thru. The way it looks NF has cost me a marriage, a friendly parting, but none the less a parting of the ways. Too much for my wife to handle, within 2 years I will lose my leg, I have changed, all things have changed. I do not blame my wife, she has MS and a lot on her own plate to deal with. I lost a manufacturing company and friends are afraid to come around me (they think they might catch NF). One thing is sure, I am a fighter and if tow tours of Nam didn't kill me two words sure isn't either, but I have a new respect for life. God Bless, James Eastmond