Carol Keenan

In October, around the 22nd, I felt feverish. My right underarm was sore. I thought it was a pulled muscle. Thanks to my good friend Joe he had enough sense to take me to the emergency ward. I was losing my motor skills and my fever kept reoccurring. I went to my physician first and he sent me home thinking it was a pulled muscle. Well a day passed and I still felt horrible and sore. I was moving a lot of heavy equipment and it had been in my yard exposed to the elements for at least 10 years. I really thought I pulled a muscle and had a virus. Well I went to the hospital and they looked at me and were sending me home with an antibiotic and an antibiotic. But before I left this Doctor (an angel in my eyes) said to check my blood pressure. Thank God, I believe it was Devine Intervention, because it was 60 over 40. So they kept me and watched for a day and weren't impressed. Then my right breast became inflamed like a hive or bee sting and in a short while it became black. My pressure would not go up. I was awake but do not remember all of this. Just bits and pieces. Like looking at the bags of solution they kept hanging. I had no idea what was wrong. In short, they saved me and from what I remember and was told, I was so close to death they had a chaplain for the last rights. I had a lot of support from friends and family and here I am. Now I need to know how to cope with the after math of this and need to understand this disease. Is it gone? Why don't I feel right dating with my open wound. I am trying to get GOD back into my life. I need to talk to someone. Is this disease with you always? Should I be afraid since I got it from home? (I think) How do I go on? How long before a job is in order? I bartend and the wound is under my right arm next to my right breast.