Marlene Papen

I am writing to let you know about a brave person who survived NF, but has since passed away due to hospital neglect while recovering from NF. This person was my mother. My name is Shari Ward and my mother was Marlene Papen. In July, 2002, my mother developed a rash on her right ankle and was complaining of a very sore throat. Two days later she couldn't get out of bed due to diarrhea, severe leg pain and shortness of breath. I talked her into going to the hospital where it took several hours (and several tests) and came up with nothing...the doctors were going to send her home with pain medicine. When a doctor coming on duty noticed the swelling and the color of her leg and marked it off the area with a black marker within the half hour, the swelling grew twice the size. They quickly called in a surgeon who came to tell us that without the surgery she had a 1% chance of surviving and without the surgery 0% chance. We waited through the surgery wandering if she was strong enough to survive. The surgeon came out and said that she made it through, they had to remove dead tissue from the front and back of her upper thigh and that move debridment would be necessary but that was if she made it through the night because her blood pressure was extremely low. The next couple of days her major organs started to shut down and they took her back to surgery. But she was a strong lady and made it through every surgery. Next came the skin grafts..some of them took and some of them failed. They tried the whirlpool, but that didn't heal her leg the way they wanted. She wasn't a candidate for the hyperbaric chamber (never said why). So they sent her to two different hospitals for therapy. While at the second hospital they failed to detect a blood clot that caused a severe stroke. I brought her home on hospice October 23, 2002, to take care of her. She passed away on January 25, 2003, three days before her 54th birthday. Please post my mother's story on your website. She survived NF. She was my mother, my heart, and I admire her courage. She never complained about what had happened to her, just asked what she had to do next to get better.