Cindy V

In January 2002, I became were ill in a matter of two days. I had a bump come up the size of a pea and two days later it was the size of a golf ball and I was in severe pain. At that time I was sent to the hospital by my work nurse. When I arrived at the E.R I had in a matter of hours began to get even sicker and weaker. I explained all of the symptoms I was experiencing to the doctor, who was very persistent in his belief that this was only a cytis caused from and female problem. When I related to him that I had experience with cytis because I had, had to have two removed and that I had in no way ever been sick in this way with either of them, he became very defensive and insistent that this was what was wrong. He than decided to do a pelvic examine and got prepared to do that when in a split second changed his mind and began to squeeze this knot with his fingers. After I told him I could feel a stinging feeling going down my right leg. He was sure it was because of his messing with it and gave me I.V antibiotics of Rocphin and sent me home until the next night when I was told to return for antibiotics. In the meantime I was supposed to apply heat and soak in hot water. The next day upon my return I told the same doctor that I was feeling no better and needed to be admitted until they found out what was wrong. I was then told that he had already told me what was wrong gave me a shot of Rocphine and sent me home again with the same orders to apply heat etc., but I was to return to the E.R. in two days for a recheck. However in the two days I only became sicker to the point of confusion in my thinking to not being able to function. I returned on the third day and was seen by a different doctor we upon seeing me immediately admitted me where I under went four major surgeries one day after the other to try and clean out my body of this bacteria. My family was told that because this had been busted open when squeezed that it had spread through my upper stomach area and right hip and leg, that they seen no chances of me pulling through. I spent a week in ICU not aware of anything that was going on. I spent a total of 49 days in the hospital and for 45 of those days I spent every afternoon in physical therapy being pack and repacked after sitting in a hubber tank for 45mins to and hour. Although I feel like the ER change my life completely in a split second I did beat their common belief and I survived. But my life is now changed and will never again be the same. I need help in finding an attorney to sue the ER doctor, if he not been so closed minded to what I was saying I was told by the infectious disease doctor that cared for me she could have treated me with the right antibiotics and I would have never had to have gone through all I did and my family did. It was about 3 or 4 weeks before they told my family they felt I would be all right, but would more than likely have to be in the hospital for 3 to 6 months to rehab. I left in 49 days.