Jamie Ebrom

My name is Jamie Ebrom. Back on Mothers day 1999 I did a quick bikini shave and went to the neighborhood pool to swim with my 6 year old son, opening swimming season in Seabrook, TX. By Monday morning I was feeling pain in my groin and a slight swelling. By Wednesday it became unbearably uncomfortable so I excused from work for an urgent doctors appointment. They diagnosed a type of lymphoma groin staff infection (Practiioners assistant wasn't too sure) and sent me home. By Saturday I could barely move - my 6 year old had to help me into my truck.....I called his father and had him come get him and drove myself to the Pasadena, Tx hospital.. I was swollen down the inner right leg, all around my buttocks from the top of my hip to my knee, and was bright red and very HOT. The emergency room admitted me immediately, drew a line around the swelling to monitor it's status, and put me in intensive care. By this time my fever was 104 and I was hallucinating - spider vien looking lines were coming to the surface of my groin and along the inside of my thigh. An infectious diseases doctor came to me late that night and took swabs and gave me ice baths. Put me on incredibly strong antibiotics, still unsure exactly what was happening. By the following Wednesday the results had come back and they did the first debridement. I ended up with a catheter straight into my heart to administer three separate high-powered antibiotics in unison. They had to do a second debridement, and three weeks later I finally got to go home. I've had plastic surguries and skin grafts done, and after 7 weeks home hospice, returning to work then about 11 months of healing, scraping the film covering the holes as they healed - the holes closed. I have ugly scars from my right hip bone down to about 9 inches to my knee. It took my insides on the right side (ovaries and such), but none life threatening. I'm ugly scarred but I got to keep my leg and my life. I cannot thank my doctor Zaher Shebib and the Bayshore hospital in Pasadena, Texas enough. I'm very fortunate, and know my story is mild compared to most. I thank God daily and my son for taking such good care of me. He and my ex-husband were instrumental in my recovery.