Tracy Jeno

This is Tracy and here is my story. One day my leg started to hurt. I thought I had an ingrown hair or infected pimple on my inner upper left thigh next to my groin. The next day it was very swollen and red.went to the doctor he said it was a infected boil. They lanced it. It started to drain. He sent me home said come back in two days. They taped some gauze on it for the drainage. The next day it was every red and swelling and drainage had a bad smell start to hot and cold sweats. So I went back to doctor office. They sent me to the ER. There they said I had bad infection. I needed to go to a bigger hospital that they didn't have the right equipment to do anything. So had a helicopter ride a different hospital. They determined I had NF and they didn't have the right equipment that I needed a hospital that had a barometric chamber. How I get in a ambulance to go to a different hospital with this chamber through the night. I go to this chamber three different times for and hour a time. So in one day I was in a helicopter, seven different ambulances and three different hospitals. After the barometric chamber in to surgery they cut out the dead skin leaving a hole on leg 7 inches long 11 inches wide and 7 millimeters deep. I had a wound vac that needed to change every three days...spent five day in a burn unit. After 6 weeks at home had to go back for a skin graft and another 5 days in the hospital got to go home. Had the wound vac for another three weeks and then after all this found out that I was diabetic.