Ashly Laliberty

Hello, my name is Ashly Laliberty and I am 20 years old from Regina, Saskatchewan. This is my story, On April 9, 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, via caesarean section. I never did get to make it home before the complications began. The postoperative period was then complicated by postoperative ileus, nausea, vomiting and continued infection. I was then put on two antibiotics. General surgery was consulted who conservatively managed my small bowl obstruction, then developing a wound infection in my caesarean section incision. I can remember being helped to the washroom and when I sat down on the toilet my caesarean incision opened and infection started squirting onto the floor. I called the Nurse immediately who called my doctor whom next opened my incision and packed it. I can remember the smell was absolutely horrible! On April 15, 2009, the decision was made by general surgery that I would have to go to the operating room to have an exploratory laparotomy, appendectomy and lysis of adhesions. My gynecology doctor was consulted intraoperatively and did debridement and repair of the uterus. I almost lost my uterus in this stage. This then led to a diagnosis of NECROTIZING FASCIITIS. Infectious diseases was consulted on April 15, 2009. On April 18, 2009 I was once again sent to the operating room for a laparotomy, exploration of wound and uterus, repair of the uterus, lysis of adhesions and application of a vacuum dressing to the wound. At this point I was in an enormous amount of pain and refused to look at my open belly. Another surgery to follow on April 20, 2009, for wound debridement, irrigation and changing of VAC dressing. I was using patient controlled anaesthesia of morphine throughout for pain control. April 23, 2009 I returned to the operating room for laparotomy, removal of VAC dressing, irrigation, debridement and closure of the wound. Four Jackson - Pratt drains were placed, two superficially and two deep. The nasogastric tube I had lived with for 3 weeks was finally removed on April 29, 2009, and all blood, urine, and wound cultures were negative on April 30, 2009. The only reason I have so many details in my story is because I requested the notes from my doctor! The scariest detail was that I never was told what bacteria was causing the infection. My family kept me strong and I was strong for my daughter whom I've got to experience being a mommy too. I can say one of the hardest parts was not being able to hold my daughter, feed her or even experience her first month of life. I hope you enjoyed hearing of my story, its still fresh for my in my mind and I'm still working on being okay with my body and the experience.