Jean Samolyk

This story is not about me, but about my mom. Her name is Jean Samolyk. In January of 1995 she came down very ill. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. She lived on water and crackers for a week. Then this horrible odor started to occur. Then I took a close look at her when I helped her to the bathroom. There were the three purplish-black marks on her thigh. That is where the odor was coming from. I called paramedics immediately. She was getting weaker by the minute. Finally we got the diagnosis from the doctor. It was NF. She then received the Last Rites from the priest. We had a wonderful surgeon. Dr. Schneider was his name from St. Mary's in Milwaukee. My mom stayed at St. Mary's ICU for six months. My dad and I were there day and night. Our lives pretty much stopped. On Jan. 23, 1995, our lives were changed. After constant surgery and grafts she finally got out of the hospital after six months of all this. Then my work began. She is diabetic on top of all this. I had to do her cleaning and dressing change every day. She eventually got better with the help of the Good Lord!!!! This is a horrible disease - it has flu like symptoms and a horrible odor (dead flesh). Thank you for listening.