Sharon Barnes

I went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. Two days later my jaw all swelled up. Went back to the dentist. He lanced it. The next day went to my regular doctor. He said go to the hospital. Went there and they gave me an iv drip then sent me home. Next day, I was even worse. Went back to my doctor, he said go to a ENT doctor. Did. He sent me to Loma Linda Hospital. Sent me there because they have a chamber. Was in the chamber 32 times. In ICU for 30 days. In regular room 12 days. Lost the whole side of my face and my breasts. Left hospital 1st of July. Had a visiting nurse 3 times a days for one month then they started to rebuild me. Had a total of 25 surgeries. Took my back and put it on my face, looked like I had a salomi on there. ha ha. Took part of my tongue and put in my cheek. I actually talk with tongue in cheek. ha ha. Try never to lose you since of humor. Or your belief in God and family. Well this started on April 28th 1995. Within 5 days they said I would die. Fooled them. ha ha. May 3, 1995 started all the surgeries. Now it is six years later. I am still here. Look a little different but God doesn't mind and neither does my husband or children. Last surgery I had was a year ago. But I don'tt want to have anymore. I am 62 yrs now. I also forgot to tell I am a Diebetic have been since I was 40 yrs. I still ride my horse and enjoy doing anything outside. Also do all kind of crafts. Just now learning the computer, even got a cell phone. ha ha, I actually have joined the 21st century. ha ha. Can't let my six grand children pass me up. ha ha. If any one would like to contact me I love to talk (as if you can' t tell) ha ha. Your new friend in life. Sharon Barnes Update October 2002 I am sad to say that Sharon passed away September 4, 2002, from a heart attack. Sharon enjoyed hearing from people through this website and she was such an inspiration to so many people. Thank you for your support and helping these victims of this horrible disease that most people don't even know exists. Let me know if I can help in any way. Nadra Miles, sister of Sharon Barnes