Zane Johnson

My name is Zane I can hobble around on two legs (which is better than 1 leg, might I add). About 3 months ago I developed a small about quarter sized irritated and and red angry bump...resembled staph, which I'd had before but was easily wiped out with a round of antibiotics ... a day later I was in extreme pain and went to the doc...she prescribed antibiotics..and sent me on my way.. that night the pain became too much,and my little brother drove me to the ER...that's about the last thing I remember....I was moved to a much larger hospital was in septic shock and acute multi organ failure...I woke up 2 weeks later in icy with my condition improving rapidly, thanks to the Almighty God and the great surgical team who removed skin on one side of my leg from Lower calf to hip....and later took grafts from both thighs to close the enormous wound...the grafts have taken and I am hobbling...I WILL RUN AND JUMP AGAIN.