Kathy Lasley

It was time for my yearly check-up at my methadone clinic. The nurse had to draw blood for my lab work. She tried once in my left arm and twice in my right arm, but never got any blood. I was told to come back the next morning and we would try again, but I felt so bad, I didn't go back. I kept getting worse, in fact I made the statement several times that I thought I had strep throat. By the fourth day I asked my daughter to take me to the hospital, I felt like I was dying and my arms were red and swelling. To make a long story short, the surgeon told my daughter I was gravely ill and I may lose my right arm. After 10 surgeries and three weeks of wearing a wound vac, my right arm was saved. I am now going to physical therapy every day to straighten my arm out and get scar therapy. The pain and suffering I have gone through is undescribable and I am considering a lawsuit. I have always taken for granted that clinics and nurses are germ free. I almost lost my life, or my arm, finding out that it's very far from the truth. Anyone in the east Tennessee area going through this, please E-mail me, I have some experiences that will help you tremendously. Loving Life, Kathy