Christine O'Neal

Hi, my name is Christine and I'm 18 and was admitted to the hospital on May 12, 2006, with Necrotizing Fasciitis that started from a brown recluse spider bite. It happened on the middle part of my leg and that night I had to go to the OR for surgery and the following night too. After a few days in the hospital, they put the wound vac on me. My doctor said he never saw anyone heal so fast. I spent 13 days in the hospital and then when I came home, I still had to go back to the OR for the wound vac changing every three days. The plastic surgeon took over and closed my leg. it looks so good. It's from the top of my knee to the bottom of my thigh. I will never forget my surgeon that was so caring and always there for me at Kaiser Permente in San Diego and all the staff in the OR that took great care of me. I have one more appointment. with the plastic surgeon on July 19 to see how I am healing. I'm just so glad I didn't loose my leg or my life.