Milton Patterson

My name is Milton Patterson I am a 41 year old survivor of NF. Last New Year's Eve day, I had a simple outpatient surgery performed to repair an anal fissure and to remove a skin tag. After the short surgery, I was released at 3:00 go home. I was sent home without any antibiotics. Within 13 hours, my symptoms were severe vomiting and the urge to defecate. I was running back and forth to the bathroom for an hour and a half to two hours violently vomiting as if I was throwing up feces. My wife called the doctor's answering service and the doctor finally called back 45 minutes later. He said that I would have to wait until the pharmacy opened before he could call me something in for my severe pain. My condition worsened within the hour, I could not sit still and finally I noticed that I could not urinate. That is when I noticed that my scrotum was the size of two grapefruits, my wife immediately called back to the doctors answering service, she explained the symptoms and again it took a long time for the doctor to call back. My wife explained to him that something definitely wrong. She told him she was taking me to the emergency room, he told her over the phone I believe I know what it might be, it happens in 1 out of 100 cases. She rushed me to the hospital the whole time going I could not sit still. I thought I was going to die right there in the vehicle. After arriving at the hospital, I was told to have a seat and to wait my turn. My wife immediately got upset and went into the triage nurse's station and to please help my husband something is dire wrong. I had literally no blood pressure and a extremely low temp. I was put back into a room back in the emergency room, where the doctor on call had no idea what was wrong. A Urologist came in and started a catheter, my colon doctor finally showed up and he was baffled he started me on an antibiotic and then he left the hospital. On his way out he spoke with my wife and said he would be back shortly. They administered a very strong sedative. My records show that the nurse in charge called in the priest to give me my last rites, even though I was not coherent. I was left in the room for nearly 3 hours without any of the doctor's checking on my condition. Finally, they had to rush me to the operating room for debridement right away. Because the doctor's let it eat my flesh and tissue for so long, as I read on this sight, it eats an inch of flesh an hour. I was on my way back to the operating room again within two hours from ICU. This particular bacteria has to be debriefed as soon as it starts to turn black and gangrene. I was not aware that the Urologist was the one doing the debridement of the NF. This particular area is not in his field. Within another two hours they finally called in an Infectious Disease Doctor who literally saved my life. He knew exactly what antibiotic to treat this with. I spent ten days in the ICU, my wife was told not to leave the hospital. They took all of my skin off my scrotum all the way to my sphincter. Another surgery was done to dig out three inches of tissue from the bottom of my scrotum to my anus again. I finally lost my right scrotum due to the flesh eating bacteria which moves very rapidly. They removed part of my butt cheek on both sides and I don't have a sphincter it had to be removed from the bacteria. After my sixth surgery in eight days they felt like they had it under control. I was finally put in a regular room where I spent eighteen days. I prayed everyday that I would survive. I had to have one more surgery to skin graft the area. They took the skin from my left thigh which took up an area of a foot long by a foot wide. They tried to cover the NF area after they gave me extensive amounts of antibiotics. I spent twenty-nine days in the hospital. I am still dealing with depression and the bitterness of my loss towards the colon doctor and the Urologist. I am very lucky to be alive to tell my story. If I can help anyone through something similar please email me. I need to talk to someone who might have gone through the same thing. My wife asked the original doctor what might have caused this, his reply was pure and simple: BAD LUCK!