Ron Reace

Hello my name is Ron Reace I became a victim of NF on 10/11/2009. It started out looking like a boil mind you I've had my share of boils. Monday it was quite tiny Tuesday the irritation started Wednesday my wife Michelle told me to take a hot bath and bring it to a head I did the bath thing Thursday also Friday it put me in the bed because it hurt to walk I am a independent contractor an had a sound gig Saturday so we went and set up the equipment and I started developing the chills it took my about 3 hours to get this under control and make my way home. When I got up Sunday morning this thing had taken on a new life the pain was incredible but I made my way to the church and found I couldn't do anything but sit down. I had taped a wash cloth to the inside of my leg because it hurt to do anything. F finally I went to see my GP and all he could say was WHOA. I was sent to see another Doctor who immediately pick up a phone a started barking orders after that I don't remember anything until about 4 days later. I want to thank Dr Mark Strong and Dr Mark Buckley and Washington Hospital Center for saving my life I lost a good chunk of my thigh but I'm still alive.