Steve Sands

In June of this year I had a small rash appear on the back of my leg. It was a Friday. By Monday, I was admitted to the hospital with a leg three times the size of my other one. The pain I went through and the mental agony has scarred me for life I have accepted that. I spent five days in a hospital that was unable to diagnose NF, so my leg just deteriorated in front of my eyes. I then went to a specialist unit in East Grinstead (Kent UK) who knew exactly what I had. I spent two months there, had three operations, a three stone weight loss, a skin graft from the knee down that continues to weep, and a swollen foot that inables me to wear an ordinary shoe. I am mentally drained of it all and have sought counseling. I have been married for 18 years with two girls, 13 and 15. I have a exec job in the city (London) and still ask why me?