Teresa Walsh

For the people who are just starting this journey of recovery take your time and celebrate ever milestone you make. It will help in your spirits and when your spirits are up you heal faster. I am a wife and mom of four children. Who happened to get sick the day before Easter. They do not know how I got NF. All they know is I did get it. I had a pain on Saturday morning around 4am and by that evening the pain was so severe I could no longer bear the pain. I went to the ER thinking it was a appendicitis attack but it turned out to NF. I then had one surgery and three debridements I was in the hospital for about one month. I had a wound vac also which was extremely painful since my wound was from my inner thigh to my hip some nerves were exposed which caused tremendous pain I also had a wound on my groin both of these were open wounds that needed packing 2x a day. That was very painful. While I was in hospital my sister in law and her 4 kids moved into my house to help my husband deal with life also my mom and who lives 4 hours away came to help out along with my father who flew in from California. So we had alot of support from our families. I did not realize how sick I was until 2 weeks later. I over heard my husband talking to another doctor. I was very heavily medicated in that time frame so my memories are very sporadic What I do remember is the pain of vac changing and pain of physical therapy also the feeling of loss of control of life and body. This illness comes on quickly and strongly remember to always wash your hands for at least the time it takes you to say the alphabet. God Bless you all survivors and may we all have a speedy recovery. My progress now is coming along slowly and I am working on getting full range of my leg back along with dealing with my scars. This illness takes a hold of your life and flips it around. Getting NF did have some positives. It gave me a new appreciation of my daily life. I also lost some weight on what I named Fairview Hospital Nutra Systems Diet.The meals were prepared for you and all the meals were balanced it was the perfect diet. Update August 24, 2006 Four months since being diagnosed I am back to normal now. I have full range in my leg. My wound is completely closed, no more packing, yeah. I can soak in the bath now. It is funny about three weeks ago I raced my sons. It felt so good to run and not limp or be in any pain while running. I lost the race. I have a huge scar which I will take care of some day. I may just leave it as a reminder of where I was and where I am now. Enjoy being with love ones enjoy laughing enjoy life its the best medicine. God Bless you all survivors and may you all have a speedy recovery.