Nancy Jones

My story stats with a boil. it was a very large one. I had fever and chills for a week before this and took a antibiotic, I had thinking it was a sinus infection. You don't get fever from a boil I thought. I went to the ER and had this lanced on April 18th. I had been working this whole time. I went home worked the next day. By the 20th I could not sit. This boil was on my left thigh. My spouse took me back to the ER. They ran several test and said I had cellulites. Then they did a CAT scan. The pa came in and said I was dying. I had the flesh eating bacteria. My husband was on the phone and hung up real quick. The doctor said I would have to be life flighted to Denver or Omaha. We live in North Platte, Nebraska. We choose Denver and within 45 minutes I was on my way. My husband, daughter and son-in-law came the next day. I wasn't able to take anyone with me. We found out later it was thought I would die up there. I remember landing in Denver but that's it. I guess I did talk to the staff I've been told. I was there for 40 days. My honey was with me the whole time, Thank God. I have lost half my left thigh. I hear is was down to the bone. I was cut from side to side on my abdomen and half my vagina is gone. I wasn't to skinny so they used part of my belly fat for some reconstruction. So now I have stretch marks running up and sideways. I had one skin graft and have three stripes on my right thigh. I have been home two months now. We live with our daughter and her family as my honey is disabled also. She helps with my dressing changes and shots. Physically i am doing good. But I wonder if others have nerve zaps? I get frustrated with the memory loss but keep being told its normal. I am greatful to be here but sometimes wonder why I am. I have great family support. Thank you for listening to me whine. My name is Nancy and I am 50 years old.