Kathy King

Hi my name is Kathy King and I live in Somerville, Alabama. In 2008 September 16th I checked into the hospital for a regular routine hysterectomy so on that Tuesday morning I had my surgery then I went on home on Thursday. I was not feeling great but the doctors and staff thought I had a cold and it would pass in a few days. At home I noticed that my temp was slowly moving up and my mobility was declining rapidly. I guess it was 6 days later my husband called the doctor and he wanted me to meet him at the emergency room so I did and the nightmare began. He took cat scans, x-rays and I guess the normal stuff and came to the conclusion that I had about a day to live and at this point my fever was 103 and still rising. So I was admitted to Decatur General hospital in Decatur. They feed me like 6 different antibiotics on Sunday and then this wonderful doctor named Hugh Nabers walked into my room on Monday morning. I was not in my right mind at this point because of the fever so he says we go to the OR now, that was A.M. then by P.M. he says we have to go again infection still getting worse. So over the next 7 days I had 2 surgeries a day and a wound vac of course infectious disease dr and still just not getting better. I also had these places all over my belly that looked like spider bites in the beginning but they were abscesses and of course treatment for me was more trips to the OR. While in the hospital I also got strep, salmonella, e-coli and a few other things. I was in very bad shape. The surgeon told my husband if the fever and the spread did not stop within a day he would have to make funeral arrangements. It is just by the grace of God I am here today and he sees me through this. Since September 16th 2008 I just had my 71st surgery which was the loss of some of my colon. I have lost most everything on the inside except what I need to live and that is showing signs of trouble. But between the surgeries and the blood transfusions and just overall toll this terrible thing does to your body I feel very grateful I am here. Not all stories turn out this way. I have 2 new abscesses on my belly now and will be having surgery again this upcoming week. I don't know if this will take my life someday in as far as dying, but it already has taken my life at least the one I had before this. The doctors tell me I am now a carrier for MRSA and most of the time I am MRSA positive so I stay at home or in the OR is the only 2 places I go anymore. I have been on antibiotics really for the last 4 years I am surprised they work anymore and on some of these they don't I still end up in OR. The doctors tell me this is so infested in my tissue that I will probably always have to deal with it and go through this every time I get an abscess. I could go on an on about what I have been through you all know that as you have been there. So for all those who think you can just get back to life and that stay on you to get back to life its been 4 years what are you waiting on, well its just not that easy. If you have someone in your life going through this please be patient with them believe me they would rather go back to the life they had before I am sure. I pray for it everyday. But the good news is God is good, and he will see us through. Please pray for me as I approach my 72nd surgery this upcoming week. God bless all of you and just pray for one another and that hospitals will recognize the importance of either preventing or seeing the signs sooner. They will always say it is nothing they did and that is ok with me and for me because the damage is done but if it keeps the next 30 something mother or father from going through it then it makes my having to go through it just a little more worth it. There has to be a way. Hang in there everyone, God bless you all!