Jim Regnery

I am 62 years old in excellent health when this started. My story starts on 11/14/2003 when I fell while trimming the lawn. I fell on my butt and thought nothing of it. Three days later my butt really hurt and I was scheduled to leave for Tallahassee for a new contract. I had my wife look at it and she said it was black and blue, no broken skin. Four days later I was extremely sick and drove back to Tampa and went to my doctor. He put me on antibiotics and sent me home to rest and take sitz baths. Sunday, my daughter came to Tampa (she is a nurse) and told me I needed to go to the emergency room. My wife, daughter, and son took me to the hospital emergency room. The doctor commented when he saw the butt and said "Oh My God". This was at 11PM on Sunday. The next morning it was decided to transport me to Tampa General Trauma Center as this hospital was not prepared to handle a surgery like this. When I got to Tampa General the doctor examined me and said "Surgery Stat". I was in surgery twenty minutes later. They told my family that they would do everything to save me but it was going to require multiple surgeries and I could end up with major problems. They removed 75% of my cheek and went inside to remove the remaining infection. It took three surgeries in three days to make sure they had removed all of the infection. I was in ICU for ten days completely out for eight days. I ended up spending 53 days in the hospital due to irrigation of the wound as it was next to the Anus. once the surgical wound closed, I was able to go home where my wife and a visiting nurse took care of the wound until it was completely heeled, which took another three months. I am now completely healed and have been extremely fortunate to have no after effects. I am doing this testimony only because up until this time I was very healthy and because of the fall I contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis without breaking the skin. The doctors all said a bad bruise can be attacked and you don't have to break the skin.