Larry Sasser

My name is Larry Sasser from Eaton Ohio. Where do I start? The year was 2008, I was 52 years old when I thought I had pulled a muscle in my right thigh. Was treated by the doctor for this pulled muscle. Over the next several days, my thigh became enflamed and so painful that I could not touch it, I had flu systems and eventually could not walk to the bathroom. Luckily my wife called the EMT as she knew that this was not just from a pulled muscle. The ER doctor admitted me into ICU immediately. After getting my body stabilized, the orthopedic Doctor took me into surgery to drain the fluid off my thigh. After drainage of my right thigh, a CT scan was done and found that the tissue inside my thigh was dying. Necrotizing Fasciitis! After 4 major surgeries and daily bedside debridements for weeks, the surgeon saved my leg. He told my wife that he may have to take it off up to the pelvis area, but saved it. He removed 60% of my thigh muscle and my patella. I truly believe that he was sent by God to take care of me. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks, rehabilitation hospital for 30 days and a skilled nursing facility for 30 days. A wound vac was attached to my thigh to promote healing. I had that on for 5 months. Outpatient rehabilitation for 9 months and now I can walk with walker assistance. The ironic thing about this--was that our family knew all about this terrible disease. This disease also attacked my first cousin. You hear about Doctors saying that this is a rare disease, but we hear more and more about it. Luckily with proper and quick diagnosis, the survival rate will increase. I am so lucky to have a supporting family and to know that I can improve knowing that there are other survivors out there. NF mars your body and your spirit, but I will get through this. Thank you to my wonderful Doctors, hospital and therapy staff.