Sumana Basu-Dugan

I had a small cyst on my inner thigh where it meets the groin. I wasn't worried because I had these frequently. The next day it was the size of my thumb. This started to worry me a little. The next day it had spread to an area larger than my hand (and I have a big hand). This scared me. I felt awful, the area was red and painful to the touch. I went to the doctor and they immediately shipped me by ambulance to the ER. They admitted me and gave me IV antibiotics. I was told I would be okay. This infection had just gotten a little out of control because I am diabetic. No big deal. The next morning the doctors inspected the area and saw that it was still spreading. So they told me they were going to perform surgery. They would make a half inch incision and drain the infection. However they were going to put me under general anesthesia. I still wasn't worried. The next morning I woke up and they told me that they were taking me to a whirlpool. I was confused. But I went after I had them double check the orders. When I got down there they unwrapped my leg. There was this huge gaping wound. You could see the bone in my leg. The flesh was simply hanging open!!! I freaked!!!!!! I was told an half inch incision!! I wouldn't let the therapist touch me. I demanded a doctor be called. It was then that I found out that when they cut into me they found that I had NF. It had spread rapidly though my inner thigh. They felt lucky that they caught it when they did because they felt that even 4-5 hours later I probably would have gone sepsis as the infection was at my groin and would have spread rapidly. They were still concerned about the possibility of it having gone systemic. It was then that I realized that I had been at deaths door. I lost about 2.5 lbs. of flesh at the inner thigh/groin. It took about 5 months to heal totally. My mother had to be trained by a nurse to pack my wound daily. This has been a scary thing for me as I still get these cysts on a regular basis. I just seem to produce a lot of the bacteria naturally. I never want to go though that again. I will always have my huge scar to remind me. I have been offered plastic surgery to make the scar and the resulting dog ear minimized but I feel I earned my scar, I had to fight for my life. I lived through the pain of the whirlpool, and the daily packing, and the healing; I don't want to minimize my experience.