Carter Marschke

Hello, My name is Angel Marschke and in March 2011 my 3 year old son Carter Marschke was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis. We were living in Cincinnati Ohio at the time and my son Carter had gotten his hand pinched in our front door on a Wednesday afternoon. There was no break in the skin and he seemed fine the rest of the afternoon. The next morning about 5 am Carter woke me up crying about his hand hurting. The area was a little red and it felt warm to touch. I gave him some Tylenol and called his pediatrician as soon as they opened. I took him in to be seen and the doctor thought he had a break so he sent me to Cincinnati Children's hospital. Carter was seen in the ER they x-rayed his hand but there was no break. By this time he had a fever of 104 and the red area on his hand was growing. I was told he had cellulites and was sent home with antibiotics and they told me if it got any worse to bring him back. By this time it is 6 in the afternoon on Thursday and as soon as I got home I noticed it was starting to go up his wrist so I got back in the car and took him back to Children's ER. It was so packed and I didn't get back in to see the doctor until midnight but when they saw him the admitted him and started IV antibiotics. They called an orthopedic surgeon to be on call incase his hand needed to be drained. By this time it is early Friday morning and my son is in a lot of pain and all I can do is wait utill he can be seen by the orthopedic surgeon. All day long on Friday morning several doctors came and examined Carter but no one could tell me what was wrong and his hand had little bumps all over it and was now half way up his arm. It wasn't until 7 Friday evening that I was told they needed to operate on Carter and take some tissue to see what kind of bacteria was causing this. At 9 he was taken for surgery and 2 hours later the surgeon, Dr. Little, gave us the news that he had Necrotizing Fasciitis and he would need a surgery every other day until all the bacteria was cleaned out. He only had to have 4 and was able to go home for 3 weeks in April with an IV for the antibiotics and visiting nurses. His hand had a huge cast on it to protect it because it had no flesh and was open past his wrist. After 3 weeks we went back in for the skin graft and he had to have a wound vac for a few days and some TLC from the Children's hospital nurses but by the middle of May he was home just in time for his 4th Birthday. It is now November and we just had our 6 month check up and Carter is doing amazing. He has therapy once a week and has to wear a compression glove on his left hand but he has full use of it and no limitations. Carter has been through so much with this disease but he has never once complained about any of it. After reading some other stories I feel very blessed that Carter's recovery was very quick. The Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Little, is writing a book on this disease and used Carter's pictures in his book so hopefully this will educate other doctors about the fast disease.