Carole Pearson

It all started when I found out I was pregnant with my 4th pregnancy I started getting bad stomach pains I went to my g.p. who sent me to the hospital I was examined and they told me to come back for a ultra sound scan. I returned back two days later which was the 20th of June 2007. When I had the scan done they asked me to have a blood test to see how much hormone I had and had to return two days the 22nd. When I returned I had my blood took then three hours later my results where back and my hormone had not really changed they suspected I was having a ectopic pregnancy they admitted me into hospital and wanted to do a laparotomy. They starved me so I could have the surgery. They then said my surgery would be done the following morning the 23rd of June. They took me down that morning I was put to sleep. When I came round all I felt was really sore. My family came to visit me nobody told us anything about the surgery I just kept on falling asleep then they just said the baby was in my womb and they looked at my tube and it looked ok and closed me back up. On the Monday 26th I was transferred to a different ward as I was been sent home the day after that morning of the 27th they come round at 6am to take my temp which was quite high but they still discharged me they never said when I had to get my stitches out or if a nurse would be visiting me. I got home. I was quite sore some of my family came to visit me. As the day went on I was feeling quite poorly so I went to bed early the following morning I woke up and I felt really unwell I came down stairs and my husband Jason told me to go back to bed so I did he then woke me back up at 5pm and he rung the g.p. to get a home visit but was told that I had to go to the surgery. I protested at first as I was tired but was told by my husband that I had to go which I knew was true. We got a taxi to the surgery I didn't even get dressed as I felt so unwell we arrived at the surgery and got straight in to see my g.p. who on examining me told me I had a bad infection and prescribed me antibiotics my husband had to go straight round to the chemist and my g.p. helped me back to reception as I thought I was going to pass out.I came home and went to bed. The following morning I got up and I felt something warm running down my leg when I looked down there was a brown leakage and the smell well I had never smelt anything like it in all my life it was just that bad. My husband phoned for a district nurse to come out and was told it could be up to 3 or 4pm before the nurse would be able to get to see me. I stayed in bed all day until the nurse arrived the nurse looked at my wound and could not believe the smell what was coming from it. She immediately phoned the hospital and explained to them her concerns which the hospital told her to admit me back in so she rung for a ambulance. When I got to the hospital I was examined and put on iv antibiotics they then left me for 6 days on just antibiotics and arranged for a scan to be done and to see a wound care nurse as I was still leaking brown gung from my wound and I had also had a area of red on my stomach. On the Wednesday 4th of July I went for my scan and was told I had lost the baby which was very upsetting. Then the wound care nurse came to visit me the same morning and told me I had necrotizing fasciitis and called for a specialist to confirm her fears. If it had not have been for the wound care nurse I probably would not be here to tell my story. The specialist came to see me and confirmed it was necrotizing fascitis and told me I needed surgery straight away. The hospital then contacted my husband and told him to get to the hospital as quickly as possible as the specialist wanted to see him. On arrival Jason was met by the specialist Mr. Morrison who explained to him what was actually wrong with his wife and that she needed surgery straight away. My husband and Mr. Morrison arrive at my bedside and Mr. Morrison told me in no uncertain terms that I had to have the surgery done today otherwise the only way I would be leaving hospital would be in a box. I protested at first but knew I had to have the surgery done it was just a lot to take in. All my family then turned up at the hospital and everyone was really upset all my daughters did when they saw me was cry as they were scared for me. I finally agreed to have the surgery done and was immediately taken to theatre by Mr. Morrison as there was no time to wait for a porter. All I can remember going to theatre was seeing all my family in the hospital corridor crying. I then spent 2 hrs in theatre as they had to remove all the infected tissue. I emerged after theatre and remember seeing all my family waiting by the ward for me and I even managed to wave to them.I was then informed that I would have to go back to theatre in two days time to have some more infected tissue removed.after my second operation they said I may have needed to go for a third operation but when they came to see me they said I didn't need to have any more surgery but would be getting a vac dressing fitted. I had the vac dressing fitted and I had never felt pain like that before I had to stay in bed for a full week and the vac dressing was changed every three days. Then a plastic surgeon came to see me and said he would be performing a skin graft on me the following week and also I had the vac dressing removed. I was allowed home for the weekend and the district nurses had to visit me to have my dressings changed. I returned to the hospital on Wednesday 25th of July and had the skin graft operation performed on the same day. After surgery I returned to the ward and spent the next seven days there until they were satisfied I would be able to go home. They said the skin graft took 50% and were quite happy for me to go home to the care of the district nurses. Since then they at first came every day to change my dressing but as the days have passed they have needed to change my dressings less and less. It was 36 cm long, 4 cm wide and 4cm deep and now its only 5cm long. I am still continuing to have treatment and at the present time still can not return to work yet. I have to rely on family members to do my daily chores and I don't know what I would have done without there love and support and I would like to keep you updated on my progress. Thank you for letting me tell my story.