Susan Barrett Lee

I too had NF group A strep flesh eating bacteria. I was in the hospital February 20, 2008, only days after my dad had died from what they say was the same thing on February 12, 2008. I am now looking to see what I can do for help financially and physically. I went into the Phoenix, AZ, hospital February 20th, 2008, with a rash under my right underarm. When I awoke February 28th, 2008, I had learned I had went in for 4 operations and had been on a vent for the past 8 days and they had removed 70% of my right arm but no bones were removed. I looked at the picture on the story and that looks just like my arm. It is now almost 4 months since I have been out of the hospital and I still can not find anyone who knows enough about this to help me with the physical and emotional pain of all this. I would love to hear from you and tell my story.