Amy Nicholson

In January of this year, I noticed a lump on my leg and thought it was a boil, as I sometimes get these. It was January 16th when I first noticed this. On January 20th I went to the emergency room with a fever of 105, a blood pressure of 90/17, and I was very delirious. The surgeon came in and cut my leg so the infection would drain. They still had no idea of what this was. On January 22nd I was transferred to the Toledo hospital and went straight to surgery. They said I had N.F.The surgeon told my family I was in kidney failure and lung failure and I would be on a ventilator for a few days. The next morning I had another surgery. They put a machine called the wound vac on my leg, this helps draw the wound closer together so it will heal quicker. They took me off the ventilator on the 24th and I was released from the hospital on February 3rd. I had a home nurse coming 3 days a week to change the bandages and make sure everything was ok with the vac. I developed more infection and was admitted back to the hospital on February 9th. I had 2 more surgeries, had the vac put back in place and I was released again on the 14th. Once more I developed infection and was admitted again on February 19th. I had yet another surgery, and this time they put in a pick line so I could do IV antibiotics at home. In March I had another spot appear that was red and firm and oozing. My nurse sent me to the ER and they told me it was nothing really and sent me home. That spot is still there and seeping but it seems to be ok. I got the wound vac off in April and we went to wet to dry dressings that had to be changed twice a day. I got my bandages off totally in June and I am doing ok now. It still is not totally closed but it is close. I only have about a 3 inch section that is not closed yet. When all my surgeries were done I had a wound that was 21 inches long, 4 inches deep and 5 inches wide. I am going to see my nurse in a few days for a visit and to show her how well I am doing and I have what may be my last visit with my surgeon next week. I am so thankful to be alive.