Lara Rick

On January 9th, 2005, I was taken to the ER after what we thought I had been diagnosed with was a bartholin duct cyst. I had to have emergency surgery and began what was to be a 29 day hospital stay. This first surgery would be the first of 10. The doctors didn't know until 2 days later that what I really had was Necrotizing Fasciitis.. or... the flesh eating disease. I just remember the look on my doctors face in the ER. That's when I became scared. I am happy to say that as close to death as I came (12 hours) I am here now.. recovering slowly, but here! Thank God! I am very very lucky to have such truly wonderful family and friends who prayed for me and gave me the support I needed, when I couldn't. Its still very surreal to me that I am a survivor of such a horrific disease!