Manfred Schmid

Hi all, My name is Manfred, born in Vienna Austria, but living in Los Angeles and D.C. Thank God, I am still here alive. I was a few hours from not making it. All my prayers go to the people who have N.F. and dealing with all what comes along. It was last week of May, 2005, just 8 month ago. I had a kind of itching, not even pain, on my left hip. So, I scratched. And again, again, and looked like a rush, from my belt. For a day or two, nothing really happened, but then I had fever, and I felt sick. It felt like the flue. Well, I thought it will go away. The itching became painful, and the fever sky high. I could not think, talk, was sleeping, and the pain in my hip and stomach went bad, very bad. I think after three days I was so in pain, could not think, or function, and I was like in trance, but the pain I felt was so strong, I miss the words, I cannot describe, it was hell. Somehow I made it in the Ambulance, but I don't remember exactly a lot. Arriving in Los Angeles emergency room, with 104, 3 fever. I guess I can consider myself lucky, that the doctors found actually, after 15 hours of searching, the right diagnose. So many times, wrong diagnose, which ends up deadly. All though, they had to take some tissue sample, which went to the lab, and finally after hours of waiting, the doctor told me, I have N.F., and I have to have right away surgery. Whatever that meant, because I did not understand a thing. I just said, do what you need to do. Next thing I know, I woke up with a big black bandage around my waste. I felt better, but still not ok. So, after checking up on me, 48 hours later the doctor told me, I have to go again into surgery, because they did not catch all. And there again, I had to go. This time, they cut all out. Now, I had no clue what was behind that wrapped hip, and what actually they had removed. When they had to change the dressing, I cannot tell you how painful this was; even they gave me lot morphine. Not enough. 3 Weeks later I was ready for craft. They took from my left leg. When I woke up, I had more pain on the leg, then on the big wound. It was no fun. I guess it finally hit me, when I took the hot tab, therapy, and the first time I broke down, because I realized how this changed the look of me, and I could not look in the mirror. 5 weeks later, and $287,000 dollar bill, I was relived from the hospital. Depressed, angry, and it took me some time, to accept my new look. Great. Well, Today, I accept the things I cannot change. I am happy to be alive. I am thankful, and appreciate things in life different. I live with it, and have to move on. Suck it up. You never know, what tomorrow will bring you, I promise, you don't. I am thankful for NNFF. Great job. Thanks to the doctors, they saved my life. Thanks to my parents and my sister. Monika thank you. My best friend Robert, and Ann, thank you so much. I would not have pulled this off alone. I love you all. Manfred Schmid Feel free all to e-mail