Edward Whipple

It's been a wild ride for me these last 3 months. It started in the shower, I noticed a swelling about the size of a grain of rice just below the scrotum but extremely painful and deep below the skin. I passed it off as a bad zit. The next day the pain lessened but had spread out . I figurered good, it's going away, first mistake. The next day it hurt a little more but bearable. The next day I had to make a delivery for a machine shop I work at, it was a 4 hour run and by the time I got back I was extremely tired, my boss asked if I could make another trip the next day, I told I didn't think so because by this time the pain had traveled up my groin along the groin next to my right leg and that I would be heading to the ER the next day. This was my second mistake, should have gone right away. I went home and checked my blood sugar (diabetic), well over 300, started running a fever and very tired. The next day I drove to St. Vincent's hospital in Worcester. By this time my groin was the size of a softball and I was walking like a cowboy. I can't say enough praises for the staff at St. Vincent's hospital ER room,they had 5 people working on me and a couple of doctors standing by assessing the situation. Finally one doctor had his hand on his chin and looked at me and said "You're going into surgery......tonight. This is when I finally came to the realization that this was serious. I don't remember too much after that , I just learned a few days ago that during surgery the doctor went to make the first incision and the whole thing exploded spraying puss and gangrene all over the doctor, nurse, and operating table.They had to leave and get redressed , operating table cleaned up. and smelling salts for the doctor because of the stench. I don't remember too much about intensive care because I was on pain killers but I want to thank them for their care because I'm still here. 10 incisions were made around my groin area with drains installed. After this I was put in a rehab center, Kindred of Marlboro, I can't say enough about the staff at this nursing home but I want to give special thanks to Brett and Viana whose care went far beyond the call of duty, truly nursing professionals. I never knew the existence of NF but I know now how lucky I am to have survived. Dr. Blute introduced me to his receptionist as "a dead man walking". But the truth of the matter is it's his professionalism to his job that pulled me through and I can't sing his accolades enough. That's my story, I hope it can help anyone who has a little something bothering them to make sure it's not this disease and don't delay about getting checked out right away.