Jim Fong

My name is Jim Fong and I live in State College, Pennsylvania. I've always felt invincible … work first, everything else second. I've never feared germs or a cold, but in February 2009, I faced the fight of my life. I am a marketing consultant and was on top of the world. Traveled to great places, had fun technology and doing cool things. The stress I put on my body was incredible. That along with a strange flu and some eczema on my leg set off a domino effect on my body. I was on a consulting trip to Alabama … my flight was delayed. The rental car company had given my car to someone else. I had to be ready in the morning to present to forty people in the morning. I ate a dinner from a vending machine. I finally arrived at my hotel room at 1 in the morning and worked until 3:30 a.m. Woke up at 7 a.m. to get ready, but I had a fever and sweats. Took a bunch of ibuprofen on an empty stomach to manage the pain. Made it through my presentation and lunch and struggled to drive the hour to the airport. More ibuprofen and energy drinks. People reported me to airport authorities as sick, but I was still able to board the plane back to State College. Within 24 hours, I was admitted to the emergency room. Within 72 hours, I was lifeflighted to another hospital for amputation of my leg. I woke up from the operation with my leg, but on a ventilator and with an incision from ankle to my upper thigh. I spent another three weeks in the hospital and two more surgeries. I didn't walk again for another two months. I now have the coolest scar and am thankful for every day I have with my wife and three children. I praise God for the healing that my body experienced over the next year and the support of my wife. Outside of some nerve damage and some emotional effects, I am pretty much recovered. Praise God and praise my doctor and nurse at the Mount Nittany Medical Center for quickly diagnosing it and not trying to fight it any longer and sending me to the Milton Hershey Medical Center for more specialized care. Great medical staffs in both places.