Tim Hayden

My name is Tim Hayden and I am from Owensboro, Ky. In 2005 I was having severe flu like symptoms and was just treating it as the Flu. On my sixth day I woke up with the worse pain imaginable. My son and my brother took me to the ER, they too treated as the flu. Luckily there was an Infectious Disease Doctor in the Hospital who came by to see me. He immediately took me to surgery, he wanted to amputate my arm. My mother refused and demanded the doctor to do everything he could without amputating. Thank God she was there cause he was able to remove the dead tissue and used a Hyperberic Chamber because the disease can't survive with Oxygen. After I awoke the doctor said I was the luckiest man alive due to the time I was untreated I should have been dead. Since then I thank God every day for allowing me to wake up every day! That's my story, I hope it may help others some how.