Tina Rideout

My name is Tina Rideout I am 34 years old. I am from Caledon, Ontario. On May 19, 2004, I drove myself to Orangeville hospital with severe pain in my stomach. I thought I had food poisoning but they diagnosed me with appendicitis but I had my appendix out when I was five. More investigating was done and they found a knot in my bowel they repaired. The third surgery found flesh eating disease and then air lifted me to Sunny Brook, Toronto. The family was called cause I was on my death bed. They told my family I wasn't expected to live the night. They put me 12 tubes in me. They got all of the disease. The last surgery was skin graft they took skin off my leg to put in my stomach. Now I have to go to have reconstructive surgery. The disease took all the stomach muscles. I believe I caught it from the hospital. I don't have no proof. I was in hospital for almost two months. Now I go to therapy twice a week still waiting for surgery.