Denise Clark

I gave birth to my son in October 2001. A month after he was born, I ended up in the emergency room, extremely sick. They first diagnosed me with cellulitis, and I was admitted. The next morning, the doctor had looked at my symptoms again and said to my then boyfriend, "You need to call her parents, she is going in for emergency surgery, she has Necrotizing Fasciitis, a staph infection and she may not make it." I wasn't sure what exactly was going on. Thanksgiving Day is when it all started. My left leg had swelled up, turned red, very hot to the touch, but I also noticed, what I thought was a huge blister forming on the inside of my left thigh, but as the time went by, it started turning black and blue. I thought maybe I just hit and bruised myself really good, so I let it go till later that night. The first surgery was the most serious and the longest of all. They lost me twice during the first surgery, but I survived. I went through seven skin graph surgeries in all to save my life. The wonderful plastic surgeon who did the surgeries, at first wasn't sure if he would of hand to amputate my leg or not, but he was going to give it a shot. After five painstaking months in and out of the hospital and nursing home, between surgeries, I finally got to go home and be a mother to my newborn son, who needed me and who I needed most in my life. If it wouldn't of been for my son, I would of never survived. Christian, my son, is my true guardian Angel and I love him dearly and deeply for being in my life. Even though I am a single parent AND disabled with Spina Bifida to top it off, I was and I will forever be the best mother that I could ever be. If I had anything to tell people about this disease...Go and GO immediately!!! Don't EVER take your life for granted, for you may not live to see another day.