Rocio Urbina-Arnett

It’s truly a miracle that I am here and writing my story. The onset of this disease was a result of a fall and strep. On October 25, 2008, I suddenly felt that I was coming down with an illness. Weak, irritable, sore, chills etc. I thought great here we go I got the flu. I also fell that day due to one of my kids leaving a toy on the floor. I thought wonderful I pulled my groin too. The next day I felt worse I drove myself to a 24 hour clinic where the doctor say “yes” you are getting the flu, push liquids and Tylenol. I went next door to fill my Rx and was in to much pain to wait so my wonderful girlfriend picked them up for me. She came up to my bedroom and said I was white as a ghost, colorless and falling in and out of sleep. When I woke approximately 30 min. I knew things were bad I texted my teenager at school “Come home now” my husband worked an hour away. She got home in 8 minutes ran her siblings to the neighbors and rushed me to the ER. I fainted in the waiting room they got me right in and my blood pressure was plummeting. The ER could not figure out what I had they rushed me to the nearest trauma hospital. I woke up at the St. David Hospital in Round Rock, Texas.

This is when things get really bad a doctor in the ER made the quick response through an examination that the massive bruise on my left groin and leg was growing and rapidly. I woke up with 5 doctors looking down on me. My husband and brother-in-law were there both crying. A surgeon introduced himself and explained to me what I had and what he had to do. I laughed at him and asked him if he was crazy. He bent over and in my face said Mrs. Arnett you are very sick and we are going into surgery.

After surgery I went into a deep comma for 8 weeks. I had septic shock. My kidneys started to fail, renal failure and respiratory distress. I was placed on a breathing pump and my family from California all the way to Mexico was called in to say goodbye. My husband and children were brought in to say goodbye they did not recognize me I was completely swollen and full of blisters. After countless surgeries and near fatal incidents I awoke on December 21st, 2008. I couldn’t talk due to the breathing tube the pain was so overwhelming and I was unaware of my surroundings. My nurse ran quickly to get my husband who wept at my side. I was confused and in pain.

After 34 surgeries I was taken off of dialysis, the breathing pump and placed in a high intense level of the hospital. I had a vac placed on my leg, groin, hip and feet. Due to infection my toes were amputated my right had tendon is hard so limits me and numerous grafts, mri, ct scan, etc.

I left the hospital on January 26th 2009 one day before my son turned 8...that was his one wish for mommy to come home. I’ve had 6 more surgeries on my feet waiting for them to heal so we can have my acl tendons stretched so that I can walk again. So here I am healed groin, hip and leg waiting for feet to be done and get the physical therapy started. My amazing plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Thompson of Round Rock Texas will always and forever be in my prayers. His amazing skills that the Lord has placed upon him are truly divine. I will update with my progress. Thank you for letting me share my story.