Barbara George

November 1999, began with a blood transfusion in preparation for a radical hysterectomy due to a large tumor on the top of my uterus. I was 38 years old. Following my surgery, I spent 11 days in the Warsaw, Indiana, hospital because my fever would not break. The hospital sent me home anyway, only to return a few days later very ill. I was vomiting with fever and severe pain. My husband was told I had "an infection". The hospital kept me through the night and then transported me to IU medical center in Indianapolis. They told my husband and four young children they didn't know if I would survive. I don't remember all the details and many things my husband has not told me, but I have the constant reminder of the scar where the bacteria was cut out of my abdomen. I thank God my life was spared so that I am able to watch my children grow up. One of the hardest aspects of surviving was the financial cost and the hospital administration unwilling to accept any responsibility for what had happened.