Elizabeth Clemmons

I had a lil girl on November 8, 2008 via C section...Everything seemed fine and three days later we were released and I went home...The very next day I was back in the hospital severely dehydrated, nauseous and so sore on and around my incision I couldn't stand it...They told me I was dehydrated and sent me home...The next day I couldn't go to the bathroom I couldn't eat..As the days passed I just sat motionless on the couch any type of movement made me cry out in pain...on November 17 I was back in the E.R. because my c section scar busted open...When it happened all you could smell was this horrible smell..My E.R. doctor told me I had an infection gave me an IV of antibiotics pain meds and salene.. she then tried to drain my incision and did what she could and told me to make an appointment with my OB doctor for the next day... I was there first thing tuesday morning I saw my doctor and he told me nothing was wrong that I was healing just right for a c section everything's fine and keep letting the wound drain...My husband asked him what a black circle the size of a quarter was and he said its just a black and blue from the c section she is fine no need to worrry...So we went home.. The next day I felt almost paralyzed any movement made me cry out in pain...My husband had to go to work so I sent him on.. and I had my lil girl on the couch with me with everything I needed right there so I didn't have to move ..Around 2 that afternoon my mom came to check on me and look at my scar...When she saw it my lil quarter size black dot had grown to the size of a baseball and looked like I had severe sunburn all across my abdomen...The smell was so bad we had to plug our noses. I went back to the E.R. where I had the same doctor as I did on Monday night who looked at my stomach and immediately left the room with out saying anything and coming back with a surgeon who looked at me and said hun I think you have NF I have never actually seen a case of this infection but if this is it, its not good...My next doctor came in and said it was defiantly NF and this hospital was not equipped to handle the infection so they med vaced me to Pitt Memorial in Greeenville... As soon as I was in the building I had doctors all around me looking at the incision and then they went in the hall to talk and came back and they all said the same thing my chances did not look good I was given a 35% chance of living ten minutes later I was sedated and put into emergency surgery. I woke up four days later and was told I had died in my first surgery and had been brought back to life and put into a semi induced coma..when I finally woke up they told me they would have to remove my whole abdominal wall and they were gonna put a cadaver mesh in its place...In the next two weeks I had 7 surgeries on my stomach...They removed my abdominal wall and inserted a temporary mesh in its place...They informed me that in 3 to 6 months I would have another surgery for a permanent mesh as well as I would be in and out of the hospital with hernias the rest of my life..They finally closed my stomach on the 4 of december with a tummy tuck...I am now home and recovering nicely... I owe my life to those surgeons as well as my doctors at Pitt thank you all. UPDATE July 17, 2009 Nine months later and yes my body has healed. I have had time to think about everything that happened. I have accepted that this was a part of my life. I want to thank everyone for all the helpful emails all the prayers. In May of 2009 I was told by my surgeon there is nothing left for him to do for me. I will always be in the pain I am it will not diminish as time goes on I have been to him and back to his office over twenty times since December. Every time I am told the same thing it will go away it will go away until may and then I am told he will no longer see me I am to find my own pain specialist and go ahead and get use to pain. I have a hard time with my eight month old daughter it is hard for me to hold her due to the fact she is 28 pounds I am suppose to have her handed to me not to lift her on my own under any circumstances if I do not want to get a hernia in the mesh that plays the part of my abdominal wall. I will never be able to have another child. They are now just waiting for my mesh to dissolve, or tear so they can take me back under the knife. Me and my husband have decided I will not have any more surgery. I am 20 years old and I have had 12 surgeries. My body has never had a chance to heal. I am going to enjoy my life with my daughter and husband and put my life in God's hands. Thank you all for your support. I enjoy waking up hearing from you guys you all make me smile even when I don't feel like it. You are all the strongest people I know. This is separate thank you for founding this site. If it was not for you all I would have never known how to cope with this disease or the terrible aftermath. You will never know how grateful I am to this site.