Brenda Doan

I am a 57 year old woman, who has had high blood pressure and diabetes for the last 15 years. Last summer, I was not feeling too well….on a Sunday afternoon. I felt I had a small lump or cyst on my left buttock. Monday morning. I lay on my sofa, and did not go to work. I felt very weak and did not want to eat. I also spent most of Tuesday on the sofa, and around 4:30 p.m. decided that something must be seriously wrong as I was starting to feel a little dizzy and the lump was starting to hurt. I went to emergency at the local hospital were I have endured many surgeries over the years including a removal of the left ovary when I was 26, a C-section, Hysterectomy when I was 32, and also a thyriodectomy when I was 40. I told the admitting nurse my symptoms, and was immediately ushered into a bed in emergency. The doctor on call decided to freeze my behind with a local and proceeded to cut into my flesh. Unfortunately, the freezing did not take properly And I fainted with the pain. That is the last thing I remembered, as I was in an induced coma for 12 days in the heart unit known as CCU. I was told later that I went to surgery four times for the amputation of about one quarter of my bottom….both sides, as the parasite had destroyed. That much flesh in only 2 days. I was on a respirator, and had every tube imaginable, with catheters, feeding tubes and IV's. I also had a colostomy as the parasite was trying to destroy my bowels, but was told it was reversible. My family was told that I had 20 minutes to live and the hospital staff basically had given up hope that I would survive. I do remember leaving my body briefly and was "embraced by the light." At which point, my father, who had passed 13 years ago came to me only to tell me. That I must return as my work was not complete. The pain was unbearable and I was on so much morphine…I did not remember very much, except for the crying . I was eventually moved to a private room, but could not even hold a Styrofoam cup, I was so very weak. I was put on an air bed, and a vac dressing, that was changed every two days…that pain was excruciating as well. Thank the Lord for Morphine and other pain medications. It took me about three months to stand and start walking again….as I had lost 47 lbs…and with the diabetes, my circulation was numb. I prayed to God every day, many times a day, in fact to help me. I put my daughter's and my grandson's pictures on my bulletin board, and focused on being positive. I have since had two lens implants, as I developed cataracts while in the coma ( the good thing is that I now have 20/20 vision after wearing glasses/contacts for 50 yrs)….and I just had the ostomy reversed after 8 long months. It is only "BY THE GRACE OF GOD" that I am alive….and I thank him every day for that chance of healing. I also was on pain management for about 5 months which certainly helped.