Meloney Pritt

It was my second pregnancy and I was told I had an ovarian cyst. I was watched closely by the doctors. Time went on without any changes to the cyst. Then all of the sudden my world was flipped upside down I was told surgery needed to be done now. Waiting would only increase the chances of my baby dying. As time went on in my pregnancy the baby would put pressure on the cyst and cause it to rupture doing potentially fatal damage to both of us. It was the day of my 21st birthday. I went into surgery and came out of it okay according to the doctors. I went home and two days later was admitted to the hospital. After I laid another 24 hours in a bed, I vaginally delivered my 1lb 5 oz son who was also 23 weeks and 4 days into gestation. THANK GOD the infection never passed into his blood stream but it did basically eat me alive. I was taken to surgery after giving birth to him where they removed a majority of my stomach and shifted through my intestines and other organs making sure it didn't eat through to my internal organs. After the surgery came blood transfusions, ventilator support and heavy and antibiotic treatment. I suffered adult respitory distress along with sepsis shock and the NF. My son suffered from being severely premature. After the lengthily hospital stay, I knew I had at least one more surgery. I was not ever going to be ready but I know it had to be done. Because of the way my skin grew back together I had to have reconstructive plastic surgery. That was the most emotional and physically draining decision I had to make. I went from a 5 inch vertical line to a scar that extends from one hip to another and a fake belly button the surgeon agreed to give me. This happened to me in 1998 and five years later we are still battling our lawsuit. There was a great deal of neglect and malpractice that they are responsible for. Through all of this, whether we win, lose or draw, I don't know that my life will ever be the same. As for my son he has hius problems but he is here. The doctors and hospital may have taken my life away but I still have my children.