Steve Robbin

I contacted NF somewhere in Cartegena Colombia before leaving on my yacht for Panama. 12 hours out of Colombia all hell broke loose on my right knee. It exploded in both size and pain. Luckily I had two people who could handle the boat. We could not turn back to Colombia due to conditions and were forced to continue to Panama a day and a half away. Upon arrival at Portobello Panama I passed out. I awoke 3 days later in the hospital in Colon Panama and one surgery had been done to remove the Flesh. A second was done 4 days later. There were five surgeries to reconstruct the knee and close it. I spent from Sept the 6th 2007 til December the 20th 2007 in the hospital in Colon. I was all alone the only gringo in a Spanish speaking hospital. I was able to travel on January the 4th 2008 to the States. I cannot really use my leg. I have constant pain in the knee and flash backs from my stay in the Hospital. If it were not for my close friends here I would be homeless. I am located in Mossyhead, Florida, half way between Crestview and Defuniak Springs in the Fla panhandle. Yes you can use my e-mail address so I can talk to others. It has been a terrible experience for me and my days of working on the oil rigs are over.