Linda Ackley

Hi my name is Linda Ackley. I'm from Jackson, Michigan. I'm a survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis. I was diagnosed in February 2011. I spent about a month in the hospital. My husband had taken me to the E.R. because he thought I was having a stroke. The hospital had done many tests and found the infection. The flesh eating bacteria was found in my abdomen. My temperature at the time was 106. I was also diagnosed as a diabetic and my blood sugar level was 1400. My immune system was shutting down. I didn't have to have anything amputated. I was on a ventilator for about a week. I was put in a medical coma for the same amount of time. I was also in critical condition. Some of my muscles in my stomach were removed do to the infection. The surgery took about eight hours. Half way through the surgery the doctors didn't think I would survive. Three and a half months after my surgery I am back to work. It has been almost seven months since my surgery from Necrotizing Fasciitis. The muscles in my back are sore. Overall I'm doing well. I had a lot of prayers from family and friends. To me it seems I had a guardian angel looking out for me. Thank You.

UPDATE November 2011: I would like to mention that I'm doing well. My blood sugar levels are doing good. Today is nine months since I have been tested for NF and my surgery. I am now down to one insulin shot a day.