Darlene Blocker

Hi, my name is Darlene Blocker. I am from Southern California. I contacted NF in November 2005. I do not remember being ill, my friend says I called her saying I was not well. She took me to the doctors and they sent me home on antibiotics, no diagnosis. I proceeded to get worse, and she took me back, and insisted they see me. I had pus seeping through my pants leg. Well, by the time I got to ER, my blood pressure was 60/30, I was in renal failure, and dehydrated. ER doctor told me later, 10 more minutes I would have been dead. I had surgery on my right thigh, removing everything down to the bone. Thank goodness it had not spread into my torso or other organs. I had skin grafts taken from lower right leg, and left thigh. I was in a drug induced coma for six weeks, while they did all the things to my leg. I remember waking up and seeing my leg, it had yellow wrapping with a red net. I thought it was a ham. I was in hospital for two months, then rehab for another month. It had been a long recovery, I was bed bound for six months and have had to learn how to stand, very scary, then transfer from bed to WC. Then the painful slow process of walking. It was very difficult, since the top of my leg is very skinny, and the bottom is fatter. balance was hard. I had home care six hours a day till three months ago. I live alone so chores are more difficult. I have to learn to pace myself. I am in the process of learning to drive again. I still walk with a walker and have difficulty with stairs. but I am so thankful to be alive. My only concern is since I don't know how I contacted the disease, I panic with every infection, sore that doesn't heal fast enough, etc...I was going through some papers today and came across admit papers and saw the diagnosis. First time I knew the clinical name, so thought I would look it up on computer. Was interesting to see how many other people had this disease. I don't feel so alone now. Thanks for the web site.