Francisco Fernando Velazquez Heredia

I am very glad to have heard about you, mainly to have the opportunity to share my own story as a NF survivor. My story began the December 10th, when I was badly injured in a car accident. I used to exercise strongly. My normal routine was 50 kilometers of cycling and 1:30 hours at the gym, daily. One of those days, I was back crashed by a 'ghost' car. The result of this accident was a big sore in my left calf, but at that moment I did not worry because all looked as a normal sore. I was interned in the Hospital, where I was subject to treatment during 10 days, after which my situation began to get worse to the point that the hospital was declared outside of competition to assist my situation very bad, to such point that January 14 got into the ER with instructions of amputation of my left leg. Ironically, the same graveness made the doctors to desist of the amputation. My infection was so advanced that neither the amputation was a healing guarantee and the risk was so great that even the amputation did not save my life. The only recommended solution was to get a treatment based on a hyperbaric system. This treatment and the removal of approximately 15% of muscular tissue saved me of losing the extremities or the life itself. It was a very long road between hospitals during 5 months. I was at surgery for 25-30 times. Today I am in frank recovery and the presage are very favorable. I am of the fortunate people that are counted into the 10% of the population surviving of NF, still more that I made it in a complete form only with big scaring in my inferior extremities but with complete use of them. It was a very strong physical fight in which I came out as a winner. Now I have an even more important fight : the emotional and spiritual battle. Still when the medical science made its work, they also recognize that some "Superior Intelligence" went and He was who took me to the healing. I strongly believe that God made me a miracle, the science named it as a very big Medical Achievement. But for me and simply speaking it was a Miracle. Thanks to hundred of people that joined in praying for my healing without knowing me it is that I am now healthy and I am very thankful to God because he saved my life and I hope he will maintain me in this way to be able to be Witness Alive of His Power. Updated to April 2006 Starting April 2006, I went out from the Hospital, after 5 months of surgical treatment. Since that date I have had many achievements. For first time in many months I can stand up by myself. Some weeks ago, I broke down my last walking record with the "amazing" distance of 200 mts in a round trip. I walked all these 200 mts. By myself without any external help. No more Wheel chairs, no more canes. Now I can be a little more optimist. But, there is still a nightmare. All the days in the morning I wake up with the hope that all of this was a nightmare. I wake up with the hope that this situation never have happened. And to face it day after day, morning after morning has been so frustrating. Some days I feel the worst sinner of the world, because is the only way to explain so big punishment, and I feel hurted and rejected. Some other days, I think I belong to a select group of people, that I am a blessed guy, because considering the high percentage of NF mortality, I have the luck to be alive and with my members. I attach some pictures of my surgical treatment and in 3 of them I show my actual status. As you can see, My legs never will win a beauty contest, by these are my legs. I love them and I am so grateful to them because they had a tremendous battle and are a winners and I am so proud of them. Now I only want to join to some group with similar experiences to share it. Now I can see that I am stronger, That there is a mystical sense in my sickness and my healing. And I hope in God that will show me the Right Way