Keith Kutzler

My name is Keith Kutzler. I'm from Brodheadsville Pennsylvania just north of Allentown. I just came about this site after reading of the girl from Georgia that was injured on the zip line. Last year I was playing a football game with a flag football league. On a play I hit my shin severly. Never breaking the skin but was bad enough I couldn't walk back to the bench. I took a week off to travel to Jersey with my wife when she ran a half marathon. That Sunday after returning home from the trip I went about my day as usual went shopping played with the kids. Went to bed only to be awoke around midnight to the most horrific pain I have ever felt. I told my wife I needed to go to the hospital I would drive myself. The mere touch of my jeans on the skin caused extreme pain. I arrived at the hospital and was taken in they gave me pain meds and did some tests including bloodwork, Xray and CT scan with contrast. (to check for flesh eating bacteria causing bubbles under the skin the told me). By 7am I was discharged with pain meds and told it was a severe bruise from the football injury…….I wonderd why it would take a week to begin hurting. I came home and called out from work. Then went in around 3 to help the shop close up for the day. By 7 that night I was feverish and not feeling well. My wife begged me to call my father and go to the hospital. This time I went to a different hospital where my primary was on the board. They admitted me and started testing me for everything. By this point my leg had begun to swell in the shin area. Ultrasound confirmed an absess under the skin an inch or 2 down. IV antibiotics. And they drained the abcess (holy heck did that hurt) I stayed another day or 2 and was released. I was feeling much better so after 5 days in the hospital I went home. The following week my football team had a game. My leg was still red and a bit swollen but it felt fine so I figured what could hurt…….well I took a cleat in the shin. And that just made it hurt worse. I figured it was still just sore but after 2-3 days of more pain and a bit more swelling my mother now convinced me to head back to the hospital at which point I saw my primary and he had the head of the infectious disease dept take a look. The head of ID was unhappy that his team had sent me home without being more aggressive with my condition. This time I'm admitted and back in a bed surgery set for the next day. That Friday I think It was they opened my leg and removed a large portion of tissue inside and along my shin bone. 14 cm long incision by 8 cm deep. And I was given a pic line for following IV treatment at home and a wound vac to help the opening heal. I can say now its been almost 6 months and I'm doing just fine. I have no lasting issues aside from a pretty nice scar along my shin. Final diagnosis was NF caused by type A strep. I was a luck survivor of this and amputation was not needed. The doc had told my wife any longer and if it had gotten into the bone I would have lost me leg. If you would like any other info or pic feel free to send me an email.