Elaine McCulloch

I am 23 and on April 14th, 2005, I gave birth to my beautiful baby daughter Chloe by emergency C-Section. I discovered a week later on April 21st, 2005, I had contracted NF and my world was about to turn upside down. I had all the effected tissue removed and I was left with a 20 inch long, 6 inch wide and 6 inch deep open wound. I spent most of the first 6 weeks of my daughter's life in Intensive Care. Separated from Chloe was difficult to cope with but surviving was the most important thing to me and my family. My husband Marc was there every step of the way, encouraging me to get better and to fight on. I know why I married him and why I love him so much everyday. It is now October 2005, 6 months on and I am still recovering from my NF experience. My wound is still 4-6 inches open and is dressed by nurses everyday. Although I am now at home I am restricted on what I can do in life and with Chloe too. My life has suddenly taken a dramatic change and coming to terms with things is really difficult. Here in the UK there are not many resources for NF in fact none that I know of and support is minimal. I have recently had to rely on family and friends to help me through and it still is not over. I am thankful for this site and for the information it provides and the opportunity to share experiences and stories with others. Although NF has effected my chances of having other children I am still determined to try again. I am scared at the prospect of NF returning again but I live each day as it is my last, Living life to the full has helped me on my recovery. NF nearly claimed my life but I am a survivor and I hope this will give others the will to carry on in there battle with NF. UPDATE OCTOBER 2008 It is now over 3 years since I survived NF but I am happy to announce I am now a Mother again to a beautiful baby girl Kayla who was born June 26th 2008. I had another c-section but this time things were planned and I had so much more support and excellent care. Marc and I now have our family complete and could not be any happier with our 2 adorable children. I still struggle to come to terms with my experience of NF, I still have some Mental Health Problems related to my experience but I believe this will haunt me forever. I am not prepared to stop fighting here in the UK for what I believe is my right and the right of others. I am now 3 years down my legal battle with our NHS and it's still not over but I will not give up, especially for those who are less fortunate than I. I believe that "Life is For Living" and "Life is too short", so survivors stay strong it does get better. God Bless Ex UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2010 It is now 5 years since I survived NF and Chloe is growing beautifully at 5 and is now in her first year at School and Kayla is now 2 and attends Nursery and both are developing well, I am blessed with 2 of the most beautiful and wonderful daughters anyone could ever ask for in a lifetime. I am 5 years into my legal battle with our NHS service here in the UK, I am still battling on for the rights of myself and others regarding the most vicious and life changing bacteria I have ever known, it seems though I may finally have the end in my sights as a court date is set for October 2012, A long way you might be thinking and by that time Chloe will be 7 but at least I will have closure in my survival of NF. I am still struggling every day to live with the horror that NF has caused me and the trauma I have been left with, the huge scar is a daily reminder but it is also a reminder not to give up either. My Mental Health is stable at present but until I have closure and an ending to my outrageous NHS care I feel I am unable to fully recover and this is also a very prominent daily reminder to what NF can leave behind. To the survivors out there and those on the beginning of your recovery I say stay strong and keep believing as you are a SURVIVOR already, life does get better it just takes patience and strong will. God Bless You All. Elaine McCulloch xox.