Maryanne Bocchino

This is my story of necrotizing fasciitis. I had started feeling ill around Christmas of 2003. I was exhausted with pain in my hip and the back of my legs. My family doctor just told me I was depressed. I am an RN and have been one for 35 years so I knew something was wrong. Well I got fired for taking too many days off and I told my daughter before I took a new job that I had to find out what was wrong. I had been scheduled for a colonoscopy so I went and while I was in the office I felt a large hard area in my lower back. I asked the doctor to check it out and he did. He sent me directly to a surgeon who lanced what he said was a peri-anal abscess. I spent the night in the hospital but didn't know until three months later that I did. I had no memory. For 4 days I was at home with my daughter trying to set up home care changing my dressing. finally my daughter took me to the emergency room where I was admitted in septic shock. My last memory of the ER was them asking me to sign the consent for surgery. The date was March 1st, 2004. The next thing I remember it was April 7th and I was fighting with my kids about what had happened to me and why they were lying to me about the date. They explained that I had necrotizing fasciitis and had been on a respirator for two weeks and was still in ICU but I was better. I don't have much memory of that time but I do know that I had a eight inch incision in my butt that went deep into the fat and muscle. I spent ten weeks in the hospital and then had a nurse in for daily dressing changes until July. I have not been able to return to work because of my memory loss and the weakness left over in my legs. Even being a nurse I had not known that much about this disease and what devastating effects it has. I am happy that I survived. My children were told when I was brought in that I only had a fifty percent chance of surviving. Well that is my story.